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258 Account of the Volcanic Islaad. Esq., be according!? admitted forthwith to all the privileges of Members of. the Royal Geographie?l Society, they 'not ?being already such, on their making payment as above i.and that this act of Council be communicated to the Society at ?ts first ordinary meeting, in November next, fo? its sanction and approval.' VIlI.--,4ccount of the Volcanic Island lately/thrown up between Sicily/and Pantellaria. Extracted from Reports made by the British Cruizers to Admiral the Hon. Sir Henry Hotham, K.C.B.; and communicated by John Barrow, Esq., F.R.S. With a Plate� Ta?. Neapolitan schooner, Psyche, appears first to have dis- covered smoke on the water where the island is now situated on the l�of July; and from the lSth to the 16th, this continued in three distinct columns, but without fire, as far as seen' from a Sardinian vessel becalmed in the neighbourhood. On the 17th, the master of the brig Adelaide, from London, distinguished fire also; and it is probable that at thb period, for the first time, the !and rose to the surface. On the following day, as will be seen b.y the annexed letter, it had already attained considerable dimen- sions Report of Commander C. H. Swintmrne, of his lffajeetst's Ship Rapid, to Vice-Admiral the Hon. $fr Henri Hotham, K.C.B. ? Hi? Maje?ty'? Sloop Rapid, at l?alta, July 22, 18al. ' SIR,--I have the honour to inform you that on the 18th of July, 1851, at 4 P. l?l., the town of Marssis bearing by compass E. half N. 9 miles, I observed from on board his Majesty's sloop Rapid, under my command, a high irregular column of very white smoke or steam, bearing S. by E. I steered for it, and continued to do so fill 8, 15, P. ?., when having gone about thirty miles by the reckoning, I saw flashes of brilliant light mingled with the smoke, which was still distinctly visible by the light of the moon. ' In a few minutes the whole column became black and larger: almost immediately afterwards several successiv? eruptions of lurid fire rose up amidst the smoke: they subsided, and the column then became gradually white again. As we seemed to near it fast, I shortened sail, and hove to till day-light, that I might ascer- tain its nature and exact position. During the night the changes from white to black, with flashes and the eruptions of tim, conti- nued at irregular intervals, varying from half an hour to an hour. At daylight I again steered towards it, and about 5 .?. ?., when the smoke had for a moment cleared away at the base, I saw Dig,tiz?d by Google