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Vocabulary of the Natives of King George's Sound.
Foot Māāt, or Chen
Thigh Towl
Hair Chow
Skin Mawp
Liver Māierr
Body, or Flesh Yarlin
Bones Queet
Smell Tāāmil
Fat Cheerung
Cloak Poāāk
Girdle Noodlebull
Tuft of feathers worn on the head Wallowinny, or Caccalon
String round the throat Woortil
Knife Tāāp
Hunting spear Keit
Throwing stick Mēar
Short stick Towk
Curled stick, or Bomerang of the Sydney Curl
Hammer Koit
Wing-bone of a bird, used to suck water through Knweel, or Nweel
String Petroe
Yes Hōō, Ky, Quāco
No Poort
Don't Pal-Pal
I cannot Un Waumb
I'll go away Un Bourloc
Come Ca
Come here Ca wa, U-alla
Go away, be off Bullocō
Yours Nuneloc
Me or mine Un
I am hungry Un Urelip
I am full Un Mourert
I want Un Gee
I want bread Quannert un gee, or Marrin un gee
I want badly Urelibup un gee
Water to drink Kaip un āān
To eat Anger, Taā
Bread Quannert, or Marrin
Rice Kioc
Potato Yoke[1]
Absent, At a distance Bōcun
Let us go away Bōcun oola, or Wat-oola
Path Māāt
Long Woorie
Short Korert
Much or large Orpern
Little Nehp, Nehbitur
What, What do you say? E Nāāw
What is your name? Enoc eēan
Bad, Unfit to eat Wockun
Good Quaup
To steal Quypul
Thief Quypungur
Like this, In this way Ky unera
Night Kartiac
Day Ben, Bennan
Star Chindy
Moon Meuc
Sun Chāāt
Thunder Condernore
Lightning Yerdivernan
Morning Mania
To morrow Maniana
Yesterday Kartiac kain
Bye-and-bye Poordel
Just now Yibbal
Some time since Corram

  1. The above names, strictly, indicate vegetable substances resembling the articles of food expressed, and thence applied to them as they became known. The root quannert, or marrin, (bread,) is probably a gigantic truffle.