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Vocabulary of the Natives of King George's Sound.
Fire Carle
Cooked Tokenor
Hot Carloc
Plenty Carle nent
Wild Dog Yaccan toort
A Ghost Noit
A Man Yungur. Also a male kangaroo
Woman Yock
Young and pretty Yock prindy
Old man Narnaccarrack
Middle aged Narnacpoll—full bearded
Young man Narnatowaller—beard growing
Youth Narnac poort—no beard
Boy Coolon
Girl Wainernung
Infant at breast Peep anger
Pregnant Corpullel
Married man Yock a duck
Single man Manjahly
Doctor Mulgarradock
Blacks Mohurn
Whites Torndiller, or Maupern nerran nerran
Father Cuinkur
Mother Eecher
Mother of many Eecher poole
Barren Eecher poort,
Padjee wernung
Moonshine Meuc cong
Full moon Coppern
Other stages Wern a warra
Kuit a weet
Seasons, beginning with June and July, or Winter.
S.W. Bernang
N. Cheeriung
E. Yerlimber
S. Meernan
N.W. Woortit
One Kain
Two Cojine
Three Tāān
Four Orre
Five Poole
A few Kain kain
Many Poole, or Orpern
Names of Tribes.
Mearn-anger Warrangle
Murram Weil
Yobberore Corine
Erniung Tāā man, or Tem.

Moncalon Torndirrup

Obberup Cambien
Names of Men.
Weeburn Naikennon
Meindert Mawcurrie
Wongar Eringool
Murrinan Ninderowl
Cowerole Toolingat Wally
Wallingool Tāāton
Manquenar Nourtuckeen
Wong Woorungoorit
Tarragan Mongiore
Wowenur Parteit
Youredill Dalwin
Colbum Corapan
Yettit Wannua
Wernton Nandobert
Mobun Pandure