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0,? the l/igia rolled the .4irking' Rock. 53 ? 18?, when z?edng E.S.E., a man at the m?bh? cali? ? out that there were bmake? cio? ? us on ?e starboard bow. ' I immedia?ly hauled the brig up, ?S.E., to clear them. In ' ?e run of the sea, a r?k appear? a litt? abo?e water, ?arly 'fiat, a?u? ninety feet long and fo?y broad; saw no bm?erz ? except round ?e ?k, but could distinctly s? the z? wor?ng ' over it. We sailed from ?e rock eleven mi!? S.S.E. by corn- ' pass, and observed in latitude 5?o 1T N. We ?en ?m up ' E.S.E. ?i?y-six miles, and E. by S. six miles, w?n Tory ' island born by comp?z S.W.?W., dis?t one mile and a ?[L' - Sixthly.--In the Gmenock Adv?6ser of ?h Ju?, 18?7, we ?--? In ?e brig Paddy Carey, D. Cunningham, master, ? ?her passage kom New Orle?s to ?is port, on Wednesday the ? ?th inst., while running for ?e N? Ch?nei, at ?r? P.M., ' Mr. D?in, my mate, call? me and s?d he saw a long-boat ' bosom up. l ? on deck, and saw the ?a roll over it; at ? ' ?me time it struck me it ? Ait?ns' Rock, al?ough it did ?t ' ag? in the latitude by s?e?l miles. It apiarY, at ?e ?h ' ?d, ?th, and ?e ?u? end like ?e tail of a fish. The ?a ? rol!? over it, and in ?e h&!ow of the sea it was a?ut mo or ' ?ree feet high, and about thirty. or forty feet long. We had all ? ?il set at the time, and were going seven ?o?: so ?at we had ' not much time to examine iL We had an o?e?ation the same ' day in la6tude 55 � N., and l?gitude 12 ? W. Wo ?n ?. by ' S.?S. fif? miles, E.S.E. fifty, ?d S.E. by E. ten miles, and 'made the land of A?nmore at fi? ?.u. on the g?th. We ' found the vessel had b?n a-head of ?r reckoning a?ut thi?y ' miles, and applying &is co?ction it would ap? we pa?d it ' in latitude 55 � N., and ion?tude 10 �. We could n?

exactly say it was a r?k, but ?ink it pm?r. m report the ci?

' cums?nc% ? it may be useful ? w? m?ne? of a ?ible ' ?nger.' ?sOy.--Mr. An&ony Carro!,-who had a small fishing ve?l ? &e nor?-west co?t of Ireland, a? whom we have ?on?iy in?rmga?d on ?is subject, declass to have ?on the r?k in June, 18g0, and again ? June, 18gl,--on each ?ion about sunrise, with light easterly winds and smooth sea. He stated his ?ar?t approach, by estimation, w? about ?e hundred yards. I? ?p w? small--about ?me feet above water, rising abruptly on &e north side, and sloping gradually on the sou?. There ? no s?f or break upon it, but merely a ripple of ?e wate? round it. He did not examine it wi& hh boat, nei?er did ho t? for soundin? anywhere in its ?cinity, ?hich he at?ibutes to the su?titious feelin? of his ?ople, and his account is altogether vague and umafisf?; yet this h one of ? evidencos Digitized by Google