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On the V/g?u ?ed Re A?ns' Rod. The two vessels were always in c?ny; ?d ? g?e? pr?- fi? wm to.?l on parallel lines distant kom ?h o?er from o? mile to one mile and a half by day. and closing. at night to half a mile, or as much l?s as ?e s?te of ?e weather rendered neces- sary. During the few hours of dark?ss ex?enc? on ?e noah of Ireland at ?at se?n of ?e year, the v?sels were ?ve ?, ?at ? ?t of the suspec?d ground might ? p?s? umeen, ?d the leads were kept going ?h day and night, from the d? of an hundred and fifty ? two hundred fathoms. The? dimn?s from e?h other were determined e?ry hour by ?e ?gle of ele?t?n subrended by their ?cfse m?ts,.at the heads of which balls h? ?en p?d ? f?ilitate t? measurement. Their mutual ?ri?s were t?en at ? same fi?; ?d men were k?t co? stantly at th?'m?t-heads during the ?y, a? a ?i?t I?k-out preserved ?mu? ? night. The.parallel of latitude of To? Is!?d, ? ?mady w? first ?ully examired to ?e west? of all the p?itions of �e ?, and ?n ?ave?d back again. These ru?s were l?d down on the cha?, a? then other lines traced, until ? whole ?ce was explo? ? ?ere exhibited. And ?is sy?m? crossing ?d ?mssing over eve? part of ?e s?d gm?d w? ?- vered in until ?e 31st of Augu?; w?. having ?d poqition ?i?d ? ? d?er, and inde? the whole s?ce ?m- ?e?nded by ?em, wight ?ipg ?y rock, or di?o?r?g ?y detached bank, ?hich could indic?e i? ha?ing ex? w? relinqu?h?, ahd ?e v?b returned to ?gland. In addiron to ?e system of cruising a?ve menfo?d, &e hydrographer, in h? instrucfom, h? racommended that the vessels should sweep for the rock by laying out a la?e scope of ?aws? ?tween ?em? and d6fting wi& it over &e sus?c? gr?nd. To effect thi? he sugges?d two me?ods. The one, when the two ve?els s?oid be on ?e sam? tack, ?e leading brig k?ping a iitt? off the wind, wi? her m?n-mp?l occasionally ?ng; th? haw?rs fast to her quatar, wi& a sp6ng to t?m from her wea?e?-bow; the s?rnmost brig l?g to, with ?r m?n-t?saii &e mast, the haw?rs kom her ?'eather-bow, and a spring to th? from her weat?r-qua,?. The other ?&od he pro?d w? that of drifting on opposi? tacks, &e hawsers faste?d to &e? s?rns, wi& spfngs to them from ?e weather-?w of each ves?l. An additional num? of haw?n were a?dingly pm6d? for the ?r?e at Por?m?th; and, upon ?e principl? a line of them, amounting to more than fou?n hund?d yards, was ?id ou? and a large portion of the suspected gr?d sub- ject? m th? m?e of examinsUre To prevent ?e of &is i?g s? f? d?ce?ing to ? gmat a deptb? and gelieve ? ? ? ?wae? ? much as possible from ? strain Digitized by Google