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eetig the of ? his ?dal? it h? ? t?t ?p?t ? change their -fo? f? ?e ?ut ? the thi? p?n, the more disfi?y m relie? him fr? ?e res?sib?ty of their ?lecfi? a? ar?men?. where ?ble, his own wo?s have ?n ?e Isthmus of Ps?em?, or Darien, may be c?sidered as ex- ?nding from the meridian of 77 �hst ? 81 ? w?l of G?enwi? with a ?eadth s?!!ing out at ?e two extremitY, s? not less �n thi? miles, even w?re narrower, ?p?i? the city of Panama. I? whole extent is not, however, c?d ?in t?e ?ish Ame?can pmfince; the Ma?ingo Indians m the N.E. m?tnining a ?rce a? of?n tur?le? i?ndence ? ? ? day. ?e Co?]l?ra, or ?at ch?n of mountains, which f? ?e most pa? tm?r?s t? whole continent of Ame?ca, is tw?e broken within ?e a?ve !imits.-- ?e no?em Co?illem exhibi? t? ? ind?ation of dep?s- si? in Nica?gua; but again r?rs itself, for a ?me, in the p? vince of Ve?gua, a? is there cm?ed w?th a ?ry fine plain? called ? Mesa (the table). In ?e eastern pa? of ?e pmvin? ? bma? into detached m?ntaim of considerable ?ight, a? of �e m?t abrupt and ragged location ;--the, proc?d?ng st?!l to ?he eastwa?, innumerable sugar-loaf mountains appear, ? three or f?r hundred feet high, with their ba?s surmu? by plains ? savannahs;?nd finally, a?$ Cha?es on the one side, and Cho? on ?e other; t? al? d?ap?ar for a few mil?, ?nd the ?unt? b?mes almost unin?uptedly low and fiat. Presently, however, the sugar-loaf m?n?ins a? thicken, and ?coming connec?d, f? a small cordille?, running ?om about opposi? Porto-Bello, to the Bay of Mandingo; where -t? ?cond ?eak. ?e ?nd then comi? low ?rou? province of D?en and Ch?o; ?d is most abundant ia ri?, �ose on the north side tending to ? Guiph of U?.ba or Da?en, and those on the south, to that of St. Miguel; beyond which the cord?lera again r?ses i?elf ? an exteud? ?a?, and en? '?outh America. ?e general d?rection of ?e mo?tains in ? v'?ty ? Pa?m? .? nor?-e?t ?d ?o?-w?t; elsewhere ?ey va? ?atai? ?e rela? to ?e i? of c?t, thigh no? alwaya p?l ? 'Near Panam? they do ?tex? one ?ou? or ele?n ?d? ? in h?ght; ?t of Po?11o they are? g?atly hiker ? are g?erally covered ?th thick and al?t ?c?ble ?, .?owmg on an ex?ao?ary fruitful ?il ? great depth. The prev?ling rock is I?me?, s?ed ? the noah s?e ?th ?t ?k, on the s?th ?th indur?ted Clay? ? ? ?