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This page needs to be proofread.

Reſolved, That his Majeſty's leige people of this his moſt ancient and loyal colony have uninterruptedly enjoyed the right of being thus governed by their own Aſſembly in the article of their taxes and internal police, and that the ſame hath never been forfeited or in any other way given up, but hath been conſtantly recognized by the kings and people of Great Britain.

Reſolved, therefore, That the General Aſſembly of this colony have the only and ſole excluſive right and power to lay taxes and impoſitions upon the inhabitants of this colony, and that every attempt to veſt ſuch power in any perſon or perſons whatſoever, other then the General Aſſembly aforeſaid, has a manifeſt tendency to deſtroy Britiſh as well as American freedom.