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A Journey Round my Room

now reached. Besides, painting is to me what Uncle Toby's hobby-horse was to him.[1]

I would say a few words, by the way, upon the question of preeminence between the charming arts of painting and music. I would cast my grain into the balance, were it but a grain of sand, a mere atom. It is urged in favor of the painter, that he leaves his works behind him ; that his pictures outlive him, and immortalize his memory. In reply to this we are reminded that musical composers also leave us their op- eras and oratorios. But music is subject to fashion, and painting is not. The musical passages that deeply affected our forefathers seem

  1. 1 The reader will probably have been reminded of the "Sentimental Journey" before reaching this proof of our author's acquaintance with the writings of Sterne.
    H. A.