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essential on all sorts of wickets. All boys should keep a few nails of various sorts in case of an emergency, suited to the different kinds of wickets they are likely to meet. Always have a good-fitting pair of pads and gloves, to save the limbs pain or injury. They impart confidence in standing up to bowling, and will render your play stronger. Care of course must be taken in selecting these articles that they are of just the right size. Every one should have a bat of his own to suit his own particular style and taste, and it must always be kept in good condition. Further, a young player should reserve to himself, as much as possible, the right of using it. Nearly all schools provide the boys with lockers for their materials, but I should further advise boys to have a comfortable bag in which to carry their materials for out-matches. Another useful hint to them is the duty of choosing all these articles for themselves, in order that they may gain experience in their selection. Nothing is more important than this knowledge, particularly in the selection of bats. Most cricketers use handles of either rubber or chamois-leather, but in this boys should consult their own tastes. My last piece of advice in regard to outfit is, Do not think it necessary to give large prices, but choose well-fitting, suitable, and durable articles.