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1853. Marquis of Worcester.
1854. Earl Vane.
1855. Earl of Uxbridge.
1856. Viscount Milton.
1857. Sir Frederick Bathurst, Bart.
1858. Lord Garlies.
1859. Earl of Coventry.
1860. Lord Skelmersdale.
1861. Earl Spencer.
1862. Earl of Sefton.
1863. Lord Suffield.
1864. Earl of Dudley.
1865. Lord Ebury.
1866. Earl of Sandwich.
1867. Earl Verulam.
1868. Lord Methuen.
1869. Marquis of Lansdowne.
1870. J. H. Scourfield, Esq., M.P.
1871. Earl of Clarendon.
1872. Viscount Down.
1873. Earl Cadogan.
1874. Marquis of Hamilton.
1875. Sir Charles Legard, Bt, M.P.
1876. Lord Londesborough.
1877. Duke of Beaufort.
1878. Lord Fitzhardinge.
1879. W. Nicholson, Esq.
1880. Sir W. Hart Dyke, Bart., M.P.
1881. Lord George Hamilton.
1882. Lord Belper.
1883. Hon. R. Grimston.
1884. Earl Winterton.
1885. Lord Wenlock.
1886. Lord Lyttelton.
1887. Hon. E. Chandos Leigh, Q.C.
1888. Duke of Buccleuch.
1889. Sir Henry James, Q.C.
1890. Lord W. Eresby.
1891. V. E. Walker, Esq.
1892. W. E. Denison, Esq.
1893. Earl of Dartmouth.
1894. Earl of Jersey.
1895. Lord Harris.
1896. Earl of Pembroke
1897. Earl of Lichfield.

The patron of the club is H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.

Treasurer—Hon. Sir Ponsonby-Fane, K.C.B.

Secretary—Henry Perkins, Esq.

The past treasurers have been: F. Ladbrooke, Esq.; R. Kynaston, Esq.; H. Kingscote, Esq.; T. Burgoyne, Esq.

Past honorary secretaries: 1822-41, Benjamin Aislabie, Esq.; 1842-57, R. Kynaston, Esq.; 1858-62, Alfred Baillie, Esq.; 1863-67, R. A. Fitzgerald, Esq.

I give a detailed list of matches played by the M.C.C. since 1870:—

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