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Eleven, and took part in the Gentlemen v. Players contests for eight or more years.

William Oscroft, born 1843. A fine and free batsman. Largest innings for Notts, 140 v. Kent, in 1879. Served his county for twenty years, and was captain of the team.

Alfred Shaw has recently ceased playing, and has a world-wide reputation. Volumes could be written of his remarkable bowling performances, and perhaps it will be sufficient to say that no finer medium-pace bowler ever lived.

J. C. Shaw, Summers, Wild, Selby, Fred. Morley, and Scotton are some other well-known names celebrated in Notts cricket, about whom much could be said, the last two in particular having a worldwide reputation.

About the immediate past and present notable Notts cricketers—viz., Barnes, Flowers, Sherwin, Shrewsbury, Gunn, Attewell, &c.— space does not permit mention of their prowess in detail.


Very little can be chronicled as to the antiquity of cricket in Somerset. It is true that in the annals of the well-known Lansdowne Club we read matches were played between the Western Counties and the M.C.C., but there was no organised attempt to form a county club until after the match played at Sidmouth between the Gentlemen of Devonshire and the Gentlemen of Somersetshire in August 1875. A meeting was called and held at Sidmouth on Wednesday, August the 18th, 1875, the Rev. A. C. Ainslie being in the chair. It was proposed by the Rev. A. C. Ainslie, and seconded by the Rev. S. C. Voules, that E. Western, Esq. of Fullands, Taunton, be requested to act as county secretary. This gentleman, who is looked upon as the founder of the club, sent out the following circular:—

Neva House, Ilfracombe.

Sir,—I beg to enclose a copy of the resolutions passed at Sidmouth in August 1875, relative to the establishment of a county cricket club in Somerset. The following is the scheme:—

  1. That there shall be no county ground.
  2. That the club shall depend upon its support by voluntary subscriptions.
  3. That county matches shall be played on any ground in the county that may be selected by the Committee.
  4. That a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary be nominated, and a committee consisting of nine gentlemen, three from each division of the county, shall be appointed.
This appeal is being made throughout the county, and it is hoped that