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made a record for the number of centuries and for the aggregate, my feat also of obtaining two centuries in a being achieved in one day. My batting for Sussex follows: —

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I append the present patrons, president, vice-presidents; and executive committee of the Sussex County Club: —

Patrons—His Grace the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, the Most Hon. the Marquis of Abergavenny.

President—His Grace the Duke of Norfolk.

Vice-Presidents—The Right Hon. the Earl Winterton, the Right Hon. Viscount Gage, the Right Hon. Lord Leconfield; Sir Henry Harben, J.P.; W. H. Campion, Esq.; Colonel Wisden; C. J. Lucas, Esq.

Treasurer—W. G. Ashby, Esq.

Auditor—E. Eager, Esq.

Committee: East Sussex—Hon. C. Brand; Mr S. Beard; Mr Spencer Austen Leigh; Rev. W. D. Parish; Mr W. H. Loder; Mr W. Keen. West SussexMr. A. C. Oddie; Mr H. E. Harris; Mr W. Smith; Mr A. F. Somerset; Mr Corrall Farmer. Brighton—Mr A. J. Cullen; Mr H. Cooke; Mr E. A. Smithers; Mr H. F. De Paravicini; Mr F. Ravenhill; Mr C. H. Smith.

Secretary and Collector—Mr W. Newham.

I append also a complete table of the whole of the centuries scored by Sussex players since the formation of the 'Sussex County Club in 1839, compiled specially for me by Mr A. J. Gaston, tabulated to July 24, 1897.

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