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member of Mr Vernon's Australian team in 1887-88, and Indian team in 1889-90. Lord Hawke took out a team to America in 1891, and to India in 1892-93, revisiting America with a team of English amateurs in 1894. During the winter of 1895-96 he took a team to South Africa. His lordship also was captain of the English team to the West Indies in January this year—another proof of his rare love of the sport and his anxiety to help its progress.

Mr F. Stanley Jackson is the son of the Right Hon. William Lawies Jackson, M.P. for Leeds (North Division). He has not been quite so successful in bowling this season, but he has upheld his reputation with the bat and in the field, proving himself capable of playing on any wicket; whilst on a bad wicket he can claim to have no superior.

His best performance in bowling was during the Gentlemen and Players match at Lord's in 1894, when he bowled through both innings, taking 5 wickets for 36 runs in 24 overs, 8 of which were maidens, in the first innings, and 7 wickets for 41 runs in 21 overs, of which 7 were maidens, in the second innings.

It is just possible that at some future date he will be seen as a parliamentary candidate, when his popularity should ensure for him that success and support which is always afforded to an athlete, a scholar, and a gentleman.

Up to the present Yorkshire claims the record for the largest innings in a first-class match—887 against Warwickshire at Birmingham in May 1896. In this innings of Yorkshire there were four centuries scored, which is another record in matches ranking as first-class—Mr F. S. Jackson making 117, Wainwright 126, Peel 210 not out, and Lord Hawke 166. For this sketch of Yorkshire cricket I have to acknowledge my indebtedness to the Rev. R. S. Holmes for reference to his articles on Yorkshire cricket, and to Mr Fred. A. Brooke of Rein Wood, Huddersfield, for perusal of his copies of the 'Yorkshire County Cricket Annual.'

Mr J. B. Westinholm has been the popular secretary of the Yorkshire County Club since December 1864. At that time Yorkshire was in debt, but the balance-sheet for 1896 defines the club to be worth over £4200. The present officers are—

Patrons—His Grace the Duke of Norfolk, K. G.; the Right Hon. Earl of Londesborough; the Right Hon. Earl Scarborough.

President—Michael Joseph Ellison, Esq.

Secretary—Mr J. B. Westinholm, 10 Norfolk Road, Sheffield.

Captain—Lord Hawke.