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be reached. Some new light has been found even upon these difficult questions, and some advance towards a final statement of all the evidence may have been made, even though the desired end has not been attained. If no other good is accomplished, yet if some part of the credit that is justly due to John Breckinridge, the mover and responsible author of these Resolutions be recovered, this work has not been v/ritten in vain.

Thanks for aid and encouragement are due to many friends, who have added so much to the accomplishment of my task that I cannot deny myself the public recognition of their assistance. Chief among these, are Prof. Alexander Johnston, Hon. Wm. C. P. Breckinridge, Col. R. T. Durrett, Pres. James C. Welling, and Hon. James Schouler.

Ethelbert D. Warfield.

Grasmere, near Lexington, Ky.,

Mid-Summer, 1887.