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The Story




Mecca.—88 Verses.

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Ta. Sin. Mim.[1] These are the signs of the lucid Book.

We will recite to thee portions of the History of Moses and Pharaoh with truth, for the teaching of the faithful.

Now Pharaoh lifted himself up in the earth, and divided his people into parties: one portion of them he brought low—He slew their male children, and let their females only live; for he was one of those who wrought disorders.

And we were minded to shew favour to those who were brought low in the land, and to make them spiritual chiefs,[2] and to make them Pharaoh's heirs.

And to stablish them in the land;[3] and to make Pharaoh and Haman and their hosts, the eye-witnesses of what they dreaded from them.

And we said by revelation to the mother of Moses, “Give him suck; and if thou fearest for him, launch him on the sea; and fear not, neither fret; for we will restore him to thee, and make him one of the apostles.”

And Pharaoh's family took him up to be a foe and a sorrow to them, for sinners were Pharaoh and Haman and their hosts!

And Pharaoh's wife said, “Joy of the eye[4] to me and thee! put him not to death: haply he will be useful to us, or we may adopt him as a son.” But they knew not what they did.

And the heart of Moses’ mother became a blank through fear: and almost had she discovered him, but that we girt up her heart with constancy, in order that she might be one of those who believe.


She said to his sister, “Follow him.” And she watched him from afar: and they perceived it not.

And we caused him to refuse the nurses,[5] until his sister

  1. See Sura lxviii. i, p. 32.
  2. Lit. Imâms.
  3. Comp. [xci.] ii. 58.
  4. That is, This child will be a comfort to us. See Sura [lviii.] xix. 26.
  5. “Why must the nurse be a Hebrew woman? (Ex. ii. 7.) This shews that he refused the breast of all the Egyptian women. For the Holy, blessed be He, had said, Shall the mouth that is to speak with me suck an unclean thing?” Sotah. xii. 2.