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The Koran

guided[1] we shall be driven from our country.” But have we not established for them a sacred secure precinct, to which fruits of every kind, our gift for their support, are gathered together? But most of them have no knowledge.

And how many cities have we destroyed that flourished in wanton ease! And these their dwellings have not been inhabited since their time save by a few, and it is we who became their heirs.

But thy Lord did not destroy the cities till He had sent an apostle to their mother-city to rehearse our signs to its people: nor did we destroy the cities unless its people were unjust.


And all that hath been bestowed on you is merely for enjoyment and pomp of this life present: but that which is with God is better and more lasting. Will ye not be wise?

Shall he then to whom we have promised a goodly promise and who obtaineth it, be as he on whom we have bestowed the enjoyments of this life present, and who on the day of Resurrection shall be brought up for punishment?

On that day will God cry to them and say, ”Where are my companions, as ye supposed them?”

They on whom doom shall be justly pronounced will say, “O our Lord! these are they whom we led astray: we led them astray even as we had been led astray ourselves: Thou hast no cause of blame against us: It was not we whom they worshipped.[2]

And it shall be said, “Call now on those whom ye made God's companions:” and they shall call on them, but they will not answer them. And they shall see the punishment, and wish that they had been guided aright.

And on that day shall God call to them and say, “How answered ye the apostles?”

But on that day they shall be too blinded with confusion to give an account,[3] nor shall they ask it of one another.

Yet as to him who shall turn to God and believe and do the thing that is right, it may come to pass that he shall be among the happy.

And thy Lord createth what he will and hath a free choice. But they, the false gods, have no power to choose. Glory

  1. Lit. the guidance with thee.
  2. But their own imaginations and passions.
  3. Lit. the account will be blind or dark to them. Sie werden vor Bestürzung keine Rechenschaft geben. Ullm.