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The Koran

Moses said: " What! say ye of the truth after it hath come to you, ‘Is this sorcery?’ But sorcerers shall not prosper."

They said: " Art thou come to us to pervert us from the faith in which we found our fathers, and that you twain shall bear rule in this land? But we believe you not."


And Pharaoh said: " Fetch me every skilled magician." And when the magicians arrived, Moses said to them, " Cast down what ye have to cast."

And when they had cast them down, Moses said, “Verily, God will render vain the sorceries which ye have brought to pass: God prospereth not the work of the evildoers.

And by his words will God verify the Truth, though the impious be averse to it.

And none believed on Moses but a race among his own people, through fear of Pharaoh and his nobles, lest he should afflict them: For of a truth mighty was Pharaoh in the land, and one who committed excesses.

And Moses said: " O my people! if ye believe in God, then put your trust in Him—if ye be Muslims."

And they said: “In God put we our trust. O our Lord! abandon us not to trial from that unjust people,

And deliver us by thy mercy from the unbelieving people.”

Then thus revealed we to Moses and to his brother: " Provide houses for your people in Egypt, and in your houses make a Kebla, and observe prayer and proclaim good tidings to the believers."

And Moses said: " O our Lord! thou hast indeed given to Pharaoh and his nobles splendour and riches in this present life: O our Lord! that they may err from thy way! O our Lord! confound their riches, and harden their hearts that they may not believe till they see the dolorous torment."

He said: " The prayer of you both is heard: pursue ye both therefore the straight path, and follow not the path of those who have no knowledge."


And we led the children of Israel through the sea; and Pharaoh and his hosts followed them in eager and hostile sort until, when the drowning overtook him, he said, " I believe that there is no God but he on whom the children of Israel believe, and I am one of the Muslims."

" Yes, now," said God: “but thou hast been rebellious hitherto, and wast one of the wicked doers.

But this day will we rescue thee with thy body that thou