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they shall say, “ The Truth; and He is the High, the Great.”

Say: Who supplieth you out of the Heavens and the Earth? Say: God. And either we or ye have guidance, or are in palpable error!

Say: Not as to our faults shall ye be questioned; neither shall we be questioned as to your actions.

Say: Our Lord will gather us together: then will He judge between us in justice; for He is the Judge, the Knowing!

Say: Shew me those whom ye have united with Him as associates: Nay, rather, He is God, the Mighty, the Wise!

And we have sent thee to mankind at large, to announce and to threaten. But most men understand not.

And they say, “ When will this threat come to pass? Tell us, if ye be men of truth.”

Say: Ye are menaced with a day, which not for an hour shall ye retard or hasten on.


The unbelievers say, “ We will not believe in this Koran, nor in the Books which preceded it.” But couldst thou see when the wicked shall be set before their Lord! With reproaches will they answer one another. The weak shall say to the mighty ones, “ But for you we had been believers:”

Then shall the mighty ones say to the weak, “ What! was it we who turned you aside from the guidance which had reached you? Nay, but ye acted wickedly yourselves.”

And the weak shall say to the mighty ones, “ Nay, but there was a plot by night and by day, when ye bad us believe not in God, and gave him peers.” And they shall proclaim their repentance after they have seen the punishment! And yokes will we place on the necks of those who have not believed! Shall they be rewarded but as they have wrought?

And never have we sent a warner to any city whose opulent men did not say, “ In sooth we disbelieve your message.”

And they said, “ We are the more abundant in riches and in children, nor shail we be among the punished.”

Say: Of a truth my Lord will be liberal or sparing in his supplies to whom he pleaseth: but the greater part of men acknowledge it not.

Neither by your riches nor by your children shall you bring yourselves into nearness with Us; but they who believe and do the thing that is right shall have a double reward for what they shall have done: and in the pavilions of Paradise shall they dwell secure!