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The Koran

as to those who turn back from thee, we have not sent thee to be their keeper.

Moreover, they say: " Obedience!" but when they come forth from thy presence, a party of them brood by night over other than thy words; but God writeth down what they brood over: therefore separate thyself from them, and put thou thy trust in God. God is a sufficient protector!

Can they not consider the Koran? Were it from any other than God, they would surely have found in it many contradictions.

And when tidings, either of security or alarm, reach them, they tell them abroad; but if they would report them to the apostle, and to those who are in authority among them, those who desire information would learn it from them. But for the goodness and mercy of God towards you, ye would have followed Satan except a few!

Fight, therefore, on God's path: lay not burdens on any but thyself; and stir up the faithful. The might of the infidels haply will God restrain, for God is the stronger in prowess, and the stronger to punish.

He who shall mediate between men for a good purpose shall be the gainer by it. But he who shall mediate with an evil mediation shall reap the fruit of it. And God keepeth watch over everything.

If ye are greeted with a greeting, then greet ye with a better greeting, or at least return it; God taketh count of all things.

God! there is no god but He! He will certainly assemble you on the day of resurrection. There is no doubt of it. And whose word is more true than God's?


Why are ye two parties on the subject of the hypocrites, when God hath cast them off for their doings? Desire to guide those whom God hath led astray? But for him whom God leadeth astray, thou shalt by no means find a pathway.

They desire that ye should be infidels as they are infidels, and that ye should be alike. Take therefore none of them for friends, till they have fled their homes for the cause of God. If they turn back, then seize them, and slay them wherever ye find them; but take none of them as friends or helpers.

Except those who shall seek an asylum among your allies, and those who come over to you their hearts forbidding