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The Koran

Surely, among delights shall the righteous dwell!
Seated on bridal couches they will gaze around;
Thou shalt mark in their faces the brightness of delight;
Choice sealed wine shall be given them to quaff,
The seal of musk. For this let those pant who pant for bliss—
Mingled therewith shall be the waters of Tasnim—[1]
Fount whereof they who draw nigh to God shall drink.
The sinners indeed laugh the faithful to scorn:
30And when they pass by them they wink at one another,—
And when they return to their own people, they return jesting.
And when they see them they say, "These are the erring ones."
And yet they have no mission to be their guardians.
Therefore, on that day the faithful shall laugh the infidels to scorn,
As reclining on bridal couches they behold them.
Shall not the infidels be recompensed according to their works?




Mecca.—52 Verses.

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

What is the Inevitable?
And who shall make thee comprehend what the Inevitable is?
Themoud and Ad treated the day of Terrors[2] as a lie.
So as to Themoud,[3] they were destroyed by crashing thunder bolts;
And as to Ad, they were destroyed by a roaring and furious blast.

  1. Derived from the root sanima, to be high: this water being conveyed to the highest apartments in the Pavilions of Paradise.
  2. Thus Beidh., Sale, etc. But with reference to another sense of the root karaa, it may be rendered the day of decision, the day on which man's lot shall be decided.
  3. On Ad and Themoud. See Sura vii. 63–77.