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Chiru-hana ni—
Karusa arasoü
Kochō kana!

[How the butterfly strives to compete in lightness with the falling flowers![1]]

Chōchō ya!
Onna no michi no
Ato ya saki!

[See that butterfly on the woman's path,now fluttering behind her, now before!]

Chōchō ya!
Hana-nusubito wo

[Ha! the butterfly!it is following the person who stole the flowers!]

Aki no chō
Tomo nakéréba ya;
Hito ni tsuku.

[Poor autumn butterfly!when left without a comrade (of its own race), it follows after man (or " a person " )!]

  1. Alluding probably to the light fluttering motion of falling cherry-petals.