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Water is indispensable to the rhinoceros, and, even if his usual haunts be distant from the fountain, he seeks it at least once in the course of the twenty-four hours, as well to quench his thirst as to wallow in the mud, with which his body is frequently incrusted, leaving to the thirsty traveler nothing but a mass of well-kneaded dough.

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Little seems to be known of the breeding habits of this animal: whether it lives in monogamy, or has a plurality of wives, and so forth. It appears certain, however, that the female only produces one young at a birth, and that, too, at considerable intervals. During the first month, the young rhinoceros exceeds not the size of a large dog, with the merest indication of horns. A complete and full-grown fœtus of R. Keitloa that I once obtained measured thus:

Ft. In.
Length of body (from tip of nose, over the head, and along the back) to insertion of tail 3 6
Length of tail 0 10
Circumference of body behind shoulder 2 4
Circumference of" neck 1 6
Circumference of" head (across the eyes) 1 8
Height at the shoulder 2 1
Length of head between ears and eyes 0 4 1/2
Breadth of head"between"ears" 0 4
Breadth"of head"between" eyes (corner nearest nostrils) 0 7