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and probably thinking that, from her diminutive size, she would prove an easy conquest, boldly approached his supposed victim. But he had reckoned without mine host; for the instant the cunning dog found her antagonist sufficiently near, she leaped like a cat at his throat, and once there, the beast had no chance. She then returned to camp, where her contented looks and bloody jaws soon attracted the attention of the men, who immediately went on her track and brought the jackal, who was valued on account of his fur.

Having dried some of the flesh of the rhinoceroses, and given the rest to the hungry Bushmen, who had already begun to flock round us, we set out for Kobis, which we reached after less than two hours' journeying. This place, owing probably to heavy rains at no very distant period, was a magnificent sheet of water (a glorious sight to our thirsty imagination), swarming with geese and ducks. From the number of well and freshly trodden paths, we conjectured it to be the great stronghold of game; nor were we disappointed. I therefore determined to devote a few days here to shooting, and selected my camp with caution and to the best of my judgment.

I had not been long settled in my new quarters when some Bushmen made their appearance, carrying bundles of reeds (intended as shafts for their arrows), which they had brought from the Lake Ngami, or "Tlannis," as they called it in their language. They had been five days on the road, but said it might be reached in two. This was cheerful news. But I was nearly foiled in my plans on the threshold of the object of my ambition.

Having late one night, with much danger and difficulty, succeeded in dispatching an enormously large white rhinoceros, I fell asleep toward morning, overpowered by the exertion and fatigue of several previous nights' watching. I was awakened by a smarting sensation a little below the left knee; and when I reached my people the pain had become