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Literary Gazette, 19th April 1823, Page 250


This beautiful landscape painter has again opened his Gallery in Bond Street. To the pictures of last season his industry has added about twenty new subjects, full of nature and truth. These are chiefly from scenery in Yorkshire; but the picturesque forms of Dovedale in Derbyshire, also contribute to enrich the exhibition. In these we witness the closest details combined with the finest natural effects; the striking variations of light and shadow, so often observable as they rapidly and partially change the features of the landscape, are delightfully preserved; and on the whole, we think the additions, additions also to the reputation of the artist.

Literary Gazette, 10th May 1823, Page 299-300

Two Doves in a Grove. Mr. Glover's Exhibition.[1]

June bloom and foliage were upon the trees,
And glimpses of a blue and sunny light
Came through the hawthorn canopy, where leaves
Of emerald freshness blended with white showers
Of the luxuriant blossoms. On a bough,
The only one chained by the honeysuckle,
Sat two white Doves, upon each neck a tint
Like the rose-stain within the delicate shell

  1. Although unheaded, this poem probably belongs to the Poetical Catalogue of Paintings series.