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Literary Gazette, 2nd August 1823, Page 490

Yes, it was here, 'neath midnight skies,
When the young Moon unclosed her eyes,
Like Beauty, wakened from her dreams,
When the fountain, bright with starlight beams,
Or shaded by the clustering rose,
Seemed emblem of fond love's repose;
When hearts all tenderness and truth
Sleep in the confidence of youth ;
When leaf and bud with dew were wet,
'Twas there, my once dear love, we met.—
This is the spot: how changed it is
Since our last meeting-time of bliss;
The moon is darkened in the sky
As if grief 's shade were passing by;
The stars like life's young hopes are dim,
And weeds grow round that fountain's brim;
A dank and gloomy diadem
Of moss is on each rose's stem;
But changed as each thing here may be,
False one, they are less changed than thee![1]

  1. Signature after next song