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Literary Gazette, 28th March, 1835, Pages 202-203

In this wide world! come hack, my former self.
Let me remember I have many friends;
That I am master of the people's heart.
Honour, fidelity, and hard-earned love,
These cannot flit like meteors of the night.
Fear were, for me, injustice. I am safe
In the great strength that makes the many one.
My trust is with my countrymen, whose cause
Has ever been my own, they will rise up,
And, with an overwhelming power, save
Their faithful servant, and their ancient friend.
Oh! walls, that press me with your gloomy depths,
My spirits rise above your dark restraint!
Courage is like an angel at my heart!
I see the people gathered at my side,
In swarming thousands; and she too is there,
My own beloved one! Freedom is more fair
For that it wears her image. I will sleep,
And dream of Clara and of liberty.
The fair face painted on the dungeon air,
By the strong force of hope, distinct and sweet,
Is a good omen. Love mine, I will rest.
If my last sleep—it will be full of thee.
L. E. L.