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THE LANDS OF THE SAIUCEN. CHAPTER I. LIFE IN A SYRIAN QUARANTINE. Voyage from Alexandria to Beyrout — Landing at Quarantine— The Guardiano — Our Quarters — Our Companions — Famine and Feasting — Tiie Morning — Tlie Holy Man of Timbuctoo— Sunday in Quarantine — Islamism— "We are Registered — Love through a Grating— Trumpets— The Mystery Explained— Delights of Quarantine— Oriental vs, American Exaggeration — A Discussion of Politics — Our Release — Beyrout — Prepara- tions for the Pilgrimage. " The mountains look on Quarantine, And Quarantine looks on the sea." QUARANTISE MS. In Quarantine, Beyrout, I Saturday, April 17, 1852. Everybody has heard of Quarantine, but in our favored coun- try there are many untravelled persons who do not precisely know what it is, and who no doubt wonder why it should be such a bugbear to travellers in the Orient. I confess I am still somewhat in the same predicament myself, although I have already been twenty-four hours in Quarantine. But, as a peculiarity of the place is, that one can do nothing, nowever good a will he has, T propose to set down my expe- riences each day, hoping that I and my readers may obtain