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82 THE LAND3 OF THE SARACEN. CHAPTER II. THE COAST OF PALESTINE. The Pilgrimage Commences — The Muleteers — The Mules— The Donkey— Journey to Sidon— The Foot of Lebanon— Pictures— The Ruins of Tyre — A Wild Morning— The Tyrian Surges — Climbing the Ladder of Tyi-e — Panorama of the Bay of Acre — The Plain of Esdraelon — Camp in a Garden — Acre — the Shore of the Bay— Haifa — Mouni Carmel and its Monastery— A Deserted Coast — The Ruins of Caesarea — The Scenery of Palestine — We become Robbers— El Haram — Wrecks— the Harbor and Town of Jaffa. " Along the line of foam, the jewelled chain, The largesse of the eyer-giving main." R. H. Stoddabd. Ramlbh, April 27, 1852. We left Beyrout on the morning of the 22d. Our caravan consisted of three horses, three mules, and a donkey, in charge of two men — Dervish, an erect, black-bearded, and most impassive Mussulman, and Mustapha, who is the very picture of patience and good-nature. He was born with a smile on his face, and has never been able to change the expression. They are both masters of their art, and can load a mule with a speed and skill which I would defy any Santa Ee trader to excel. The animals are not less interesting than their masters. Our horses, to be sure, are slow, plodding beasts, with consi- derable endurance, but little spirit ; but the two baggage- mules deserve gold medals from the Society for the Promotion