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Fern Tree Valley, near Hobart Town Frontispiece
Attack on a Settler's Hut 51
The Corra Linn of Northern Tasmania 364

Mother and Child. (Péron's "Voyage") 23
Tasmanian Woman. (Péron's Arra Maida) 25
Tasmanian. (Péron's Grou-Agara) 26
Pictorial Proclamation for the Blacks 84
Mr. Robinson on his Conciliation Mission. (From Mr. Duterreau's great picture) 210
Wooreddy, Truganina's Husband. (From Mr. Duterreau's portrait) 217
Manalagana. (From Mr. Duterreau's portrait) 218
Fac-similes of Autographs 268
Wapperty, a Tasmanian Woman. (Photographed by Mr. Woolley) 279
Patty, the Ring-tailed Opossum. ((Photographed by Mr. Woolley) 280
Patty in Oyster Cove Holiday Costume. (Photographed by Dr. Nixon, Lord Bishop of Tasmania) 280
Bessy Clark, of Oyster Cove. ((Photographed by Mr. Woolley) 281
Walter George Arthur, and his Wife Maryann the Half-Caste. 282
William Lanné, the Last Man. (By Mr. Woolley, 1866) 393
Lalla Rookh, or Truganina, the Last Woman. (Photographed by Mr. Woolley, 1866) 399