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LESSON XXXIV REVIEW OF THE ACTIVE VOICE . A review of the tenses of the indicative active shows the following formation : ' Present = First of the principal parts Imperfect = Present stem + -ba-m TENSES OF THE INDICATIVE _, , -i^w, Coni. 1 and II Future = Present stem + ^ r-bo, -a-ir m, Conj. Ill and IV Perfect = Third of the principal parts Pluperfect = Perfect stem + -era-m L Future Perfect = Perfect stem + -ero . The synopsis of the active voice of amo, as far as we have learned the conjugation, is as follows : Principal Parts amo, amare, amavi Pres. Stem ama- Perf. Stem amav- r Pres. amo f Perf. amavi Indic. Imperf. amabam Indic. < Pluperf. amaveram [ Fut. amabo |^ Fut. perf. amavero Pres. Imv. ama Pres. Infin. amare Perf. Infin. amavisse I . Learn to write in the same form and to give rapidly the principal parts and synopsis of parS, do, laud5, deleo, habeo, moveo, pareo, video, dico, discedo, duc6, mitto, capio, munio, venio.^ . Learn the following principal parts : ^ Pres. Indic Pres. Infin. Perf. Indic ' sum RREGULAR J ^, VERBS i esse abes'se dare fui a'fui dedi be be away give

Learn to give synopses rapidly, and not only in the first person singular 

but in any person of either number. 2 These are all verbs that you have had before, and the perfect is the only new form to be learned.