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nioneam inoneas inoneat iiionerem inoneres inoneret monuerim inonucris nionucrit nionuissem inonuisses monuisset SUBJUNCTIVE PRESENT mone&mus monear moneatis monearis, -re moneant moneatur IMPERFECT moneremus monerer moneretis monereris, -re monerent moneretur moneimur moneamini moneantur moneremur moneremini monerentur monuerimus monueritis monuerint PERFECT {aim . . f simua sis moniti, I g-^jg sit -^^'-^Isint PLUPERFECT monuissemus f essem . . f essemus monuissetis "^°"'^«'J eases "^^"•"'J essetis monuiaaent -A, -um y^^^^ ^e, -a ^533^^^ IMPERATIVE mone, advise thou monete, advise ye monetS, thou shalt advise monet6, he shall advise monetSte, you shall advise rnonentd, they shall advise Pres. monere, to advise PRESENT monere, be thou advised monemini, be ye advised . FUTURE monetor, thou shalt be advised monetor, he shall be advised monentor, they shall be advised INFINITIVE moneri, to be advised Perf. monuiaae, to have advised monitus, -a, -um esse, to have been advised Fut. monitfima, -a, -um ease, to be [monitum iri], to be about to be about to advise advised PARTICIPLES Pres. monens, -cutis, advising Pres. Fut. monitiirus, -a, -um, about to advise Ger. Perf. GERUND Perf. Xom. ( ien. monendl, o/advising Ace. to be Dat. monendO, for advising Ace. moncndum, advising Ibl. moncndS, by advising monendus, -a, - advised monitus, -a, -um, having been advised y adr'ised SUPINE (Active Voice) [monitum], to advise Abl. [monitu], to advise^ in thi advising