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SUBJUNCTIVE PRESENT audiam audiamus audiar audiamiir idias audiatis audiaris, -re audiamini aidiat audiant audiatur IMPERFECT audiantur audlrem audirSmus audlrer audiremur audlrSs audirttis audireris, -re audiremini audlret audirent audlretur PERFECT audirentur audlverim audiveris audiverimus audiveritis auditiis,f^|f ^"d'^^' sitis audlverit audiverint PLUPERFECT ^^>-*lsint audlvissem audivissemus -^•f^«>fLT '^'^^^ audlvisaes audivissetis audlvisset audlvissent -*' -""^ [esset IMPERATIVE PRESENT -*«»■* [essent audi, hear thou audire, be thou heard audlte, hear ye audimini, be ye heard FUTURE audits, thou shalt hear auditor, thou shalt be heard audits, he shall hear auditor, he shall be heard audiuntS, they shall hear Pres. Petf. Fut. Pres. Fut. Per/. Vom. ( ten. Pat. tec. Ibl. audire, to hear audivisse, to liave heard auditums, -a, -am esse, to be about to hear audiontor, they shall be heard INFINITIVE audiri, to be heard auditus, -a, -um esse, to have been heard [auditum in], to be about to be heard PARTICIPLES audiSns, -entis, hearing Pres. auditums, hear -um, about to GERUND audiendi, 0/ hearing audiendS, /or hearing audiendom, hearing audiendS, Ify hearing Ger. audiendos, -a, -um, to be heard Per/, auditus, -a, -um , having been heard, heard SUPINE (Active Voice) Ace. [auditum], to hear Abl. [auditft], to hear, in the hear-