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d Pers. capito capitote jd Pers. capitS capiuntd capitor capitor capiuntc INFINITIVE Pres. capere Peff. cepisse Put. capturus, -a, -um esse cap! captiis, -a, -am esse [captum iri] PARTICIPLES Pres. capiSns, -ientis Pres. Put. capturus, -a, -um Ger. Peff. Perf. capiendus, -a, -um captus, -a, -um GERUND Gen. capiendi etc. SUPINE (Active Voice) Ace. [captum] Abl. [captu] . Principal Parts DEPONENT VERBS I. hortor, hortari, hortatus sum, urge II. vereor, vereri, veritus sum, y^^r III. sequor, sequi, secutus sum^ follow IV. partior, partiri, partitus sum, share, divide Note. In addition to the passive conjugation, deponent verbs use certain forms from the active. These are marked with a star. Deponent -io verbs of the third conjugation are inflected like the passive of capi5. Indicative Pres. hortor • vereor sequor partior hortlris, -re vereris, -re sequeris, -re partlris, -re hortatur veretur sequitur partitur hortamur veremur sequimur partimur hortamini veremini sequiminT partimini hortantur verentur sequuntur partiuntur Impf hortabar verebar sequebar partiebar lut. hortabor verebor sequar partiar Perf. hortatus sum veritus sum secutus sum partitus sum riup. hortatus eram veritus eram secutus eram partitus eram F. p. hortatus ero veritus ero secutus ero partitus ero