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ert, / shall be trimus, we shall be eris, thou wilt be , critis, you will be erit, he will be eruot, they will be Perfect fui, / have been^ tu&s fuimus, we have beeii^ were fuisti, thou hast been^ wast fuiatis, you have been^ were fuit, he has been^ was fuSnmt, ^ _ * }• they have been, were Pluperfect fueram, / had been fueramus, we had been fueras, thou hadst been fueratis, you had been f uerat, he had been f uerant, they had been Future Perfect f uer5, / shall have been f uerimas, we shall Jiave been fueris, thou wilt have been fueritis, you will have been f ueriti he will have been f uerint, they will have been „ Subjunctive Present Imperfect singular plural singular plural sim simns essem essSmua sis sitis essSs essStis sit sint esset essent Perfect Pluperfect fuerim fuerimus fuissem fuissemus fueris fueritis fuissSs fuissetis fuerit fuerint fuisset fuissent Imperative PRESENT future d Pers. Sing, es, be thou 2d Pers. Sing, estfi, thou shall be d Pers. Plur. este, be ye jd Pers. Sing. estS, he shall be d Pers. Plur. estSte, ye shall be jd Pers. Plur. svaM, they shall be iNriNiTivE Participle "rt-s. esse, to be ■rf. fuisse, to have been I- lit. futfirus, -a, -um esse or fore, futfirus, -a, -nm, about to be to be about to be