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. Give the Latin of the following words : ^ Underline the words you do not remember. Do not look up a single word till you have gone through the entire list. Then drill on the words you have underlined. flight story new lives (verb) away from who why forest wreath deep, high dinner out from my where tru7npet lady, mistress who7n island wide . Review Questions. How many syllables has a Latin word? How are words divided into syllables.? What is the ultima.? the penult? the antepenult.? When is a syllable short.? When is a syllable long.? What is the law of Latin accent.? Define the subject of a sentence; the predicate; the object; the copula. What is inflection? declension? conjugation? What is the ending of the verb in the third person singular, and what in the plural? What does the form of a noun show? Name the Latin cases. What case is used for the subject? the direct object? the possessor? What relation is expressed by the dative case? Give the rule for the indirect object. How are questions answered in Latin ? What is a predicate adjec- tive? an attributive adjective? What is meant by agreement? Give the rule for the agreement of the adjective. What are the three relations ex- pressed by the ablative? What can you say of the position of the pos- sessive pronoun? the modifying genitive? the adjective? What is the base ? What is grammatical gender ? What is the rule for gender in the first declension? What are the general principles of Latin word order? tells goddess what money wild beast way calls praises (verb) bad with alone loves your pleasing pretty theft, in the prepares water next place are great daughter to is to whom because announces fortune arrow injury, wrong famous cottage battle (noun) labors (verb) gives small kills girl fights (verb) not good maid in carries down from and chicken long sailor victory cause farmer land whose

The translations of words used in Caesar are in italics.