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iudex mater opus pes sanguis urbs labor mensis orator pons soror victor lapis mUes rdo princeps tempus virtus legio mons pater rex terror vis mare navis pedes salus turris Adjectives of the First and Second Declensions barbarus dexter sinister summus Prepositions in with the abl. in with the ace. trans Adverbs cotidie numquam Conjunctions nee, neque nee . . . nee, or neque . . neque Verbs CONJ. I cesso cdnfirmo oppugno veto accipio ineipio CONJ. Ill peto vinco pono vivo . Translate the foUovidng words. Give the genitive and the gender of the nouns and the principal parts of the verbs : forbid man-of-war conquer redoubt, fori rank^ row judge consul sea brother defeat, disaster mother tower force fire retainer drill (verb) across tree ■ aitizen legion savages foot soldier head terror horseman receive safety into, to never general ' assail^ right (adj.) mountain highest storm in manliness^ fountain begin stofte courage orator march blood leader neither . . . nor decoration labor (noun) put, place and not bridge king time left bird spur savage, barba- tooth cease chief rous soldier man slaughter sister month river strengthen seek city work (noun) foot captive victor and enemy hindrance, daily ship animal baggage live (verb) bank father