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. Translate the following words. Give the genitive and the gender of the nouns and the principal parts of the verbs. if not ^ unless tm account of unharmed public commonwealth leap down, dis- mount lead across remain call together friendship footprint, trace each fear (noun) hope thenfore behind, after so great equal in truth, indeed that (yonder) a certain fall down owe, ought lOsure, mode eye name wave, billow Jhing, matter exploits republic prosperity . Review Questions. By what declensions are Latin adjectives de- clined.^ What can you say about the stem of adjectives of the third declension? Into what daases are these adjectives divided? How can you tell to which of the classes an adjective belongs? Decline &cer, omnia, pftr. What are the nominative endings and genders of nouns of the fourth adversity bum peace former, old- that (of yours) back time before turn the back. all, every you (plur.) retreat any one (at all) light night this (of mine) daybreak hand, force heavy, serious winter lake hateful, detested attack day true line of battle commit, intrust bum army a few only snatch from drill, train sharp, eager letter Join battle we punishment house, home turn inflict punish- midday you (sing.) ment on wonderful / suffer punish- brave signal ment almost summer liberty the same cavalry sun some, any wound sustain if any one horn, wing take up, assume self, very country hour not even second, favor- reign, realm easy able messenger dense short part, direction point out, ex- voice body plain formerly, once harbor difficult arrival faith, protection first come under th€ of himself arrange, station protection of also, too plfMse swift sufficiently year nothing