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numerus, -ī, m. number
numquam, adv. [, not, + umquam, ever], never
nunc, adv. now. Cf. iam
nūntiō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus [nūntius, messenger], report, announce (§420.a)
nūntius, nūntī, m. messenger
nūper, adv. recently, lately, just now
nympha, -ae, f. nymph


ob, prep, with acc. on account of. In compounds it often means in front of, against, or is intensive, quam ob rem, for this reason (§ 340)
obses, -idis, m. and f. hostage
ob-sideō, -ēre, -sēdī, -sessus [ob, against, + sedeō, sit], besiege
obtineō, -ēre, -uī, -tentus [ob, against, + teneō, hold], possess, occupy, hold
occāsiō, -ōnis, f. favorable opportunity, favorable moment
occāsus, -ūs, m. going down, setting
occīdō, -ere, -cīdī, -cīsus [ob, down, + caedō, strike], strike down; cut down, kill. Cf. interfiō, necō
ōccupō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus [ob, completely, + capiō, take], seize, take possession of, occupy. Cf. rapiō
oc-currō, -ere, -carrī, -cursus [ob, against, + carrō, run], run towards; meet, with dat (§426)
ōceanus, -ī, m. the ocean
octō, indecl. numeral adj. eight
oculus, -ī, m. eye
officium, offi'cī, n. duty
ōlim, adv. formerly, once upon a time
ōmen, -inis, n. sign, token, omen
o-mittō, -ere, -mīsī, -missus [ob, over, past, + mittō, send], let go, omit. cōnsilium omittere, give up a plan


omnīnō adv. [omnis, all], altogether wholly, entirely
omnis, -e, adj. all, every. Cf. tōtus
onerāria, -ae, f. [onus, load], with nāvis expressed or understood, merchant vessel, transport
onus, -eris, n, load, burden
opīniō, -ōnis, f. [opīnor, suppose], opinion, supposition, expectation
oppidānus, -ī, m. [oppidum, town], townsman
oppidum, -ī, n. town, stronghold
opportūnus, -a, -um, adj. suitable, opportune, favorable
op-primō, -ere, -pressī, -pressus [ob, against, + premō, press], (press against), crush; surprise
oppugnātiō, -ōnis, f. storming, assault
oppugnō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus [ob, against, + pugnō, fight], fight against, assault. storm, assail
optimē, adv. in superl. degree, compared bene, melius, optimē, very well, best of all (§323)
'optimus, -a, -um, adj. in superl. degree, compared bonus, melior, optimus, best, most excellent (§311)
opus, -eris, n. work, labor, task (§ 464. 2. b)
ōrāculum, -ī, n. [ōrō, speak], oracle
ōrātor, -ōris, m. [ōrō, speak], orator
orbis, -is, m. ring, circle, orbis terrārum, the earth, world
orbita, -ae, f. [orbis, wheel], rut
Orcus, -ī, m. Orcus, the lower world
ōrdō, -inis, m. row, order, rank (§247.2.a)
orīgō, -inis, f. [orior, rise], source, origin
orior, -īrī, ortus sum, dep. verb, arise, rise; begin; spring, be born