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somnus, -ī, m. sleep
soror, -ōris, f. sister
spatium, spatī, n. space, distance; time; opportunity
spectāculum, -ī, n [spectō, look at], show, spectacle
spectō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus, look at, witness
spērō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus [spēs, hope], hope, expect (§420.c)
spēs, speī, f. hope (§273.2)
splendidē, adv. [splendidus], compared splendidius, splendidissimē, splendidly, handsomely
splendidus, -a, -am, adj. brilliant, gorgeous, splendid
Stabiānus, -a, -um, Stabian
stabulum, -ī, n. [cf. stō, stand], standing place, stable, stall
statim, adv. [cf. stō, stand], on the spot, at once, instantly
statua, -ae, f. [sistō, place, set], statue
statuō, -ere, -uī, -ūtus [status, station], decide, determine
stilus, -ī, m. iron pencil, style (p.210)
stō, -āre, stetī, status, stand
strātus, -a, -um, adj. [part, of sternō, spread], paved (of streets)
strepitus, -ūs, m. [strepō, make a noise], noise, din
stringō, -ere, strīnxī, strictus, bind tight; draw, unsheathe
studeō, -ēre, -uī, ——, give attention to, be eager, with dat. (§501.14)
studium, studī, n. [cf. studeō, be eager for], eagerness, desire, zeal, devotion
stultus, -a, -um, adj. foolish, stupid
Stymphālis, -idis, adj. f. Stymphalian, of Stymphā’lus a lake in southern Greece


Stymphālus, -ī, m. Stympha’lus, a district of southern Greece with a town, mountain, and lake, all of the same name
suādeō, -ēre, -sī, -sus, advise, recommend, with subjv. of purpose {§501.41)
sub, prep, with acc. and abl. under, below, up to; at or to the foot of
sub-igō, -ere, -ēgī, -āctus [sub, under, + agō, drive], subdue, reduce
subitō, adv. [subitus, sudden], suddenly
sub-sequor, -ī, -secūtus sum, dep. verb [sub, below, + sequor, follow], follow close after, follow up
suc-cēdō, -ere, -cessī, -cessus [sub, below, + cēdō, go], follow, succeed
suī, reflexive T^ron. of himself (herself, itself, themselves) (§480). sēcum = + cum. sēsē, emphatic form of
sum, esse, fuī, futūrus, irreg. verb, be; exist (§494)
summus, -a, -um, adj. in superl. degree, compared superus, superior, suprēmus or summus (§312), supreme, highest; best, greatest, in summō colle, on the top of the hill
sūmō, -ere, sūmpsī, sūmptus, take up; assume, put on. sūmere supplicium dē, inflict punishment on
super, prep, with acc. and abl. over, above
superbia, -ae, f. [superbus, proud], pride, arrogance
superbus, -a, -um, adj. proud, haughty
superior, comp. of superus
superō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus [superus, above], go over; subdue, overcome; surpass, excel
super-sum, -esse, -fuī, ——, be over, survive, with dat ($501.15)