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This vocabulary contains only the words used in the English-Latin exercises. For details not given here, reference may be made to the Latin-English vocabulary. The figures 1, 2, 3, 4, after verbs indicate the conjugation.


a, an, commonly not translated
able (be), possum, posse, potuī, —— (§495)
abode, domicilium, domici’lī, n.
about (adv.), circiter
about (prep.), dē, with abl.
about to, expressed by fut. act. part.
abundance, cōpia, -ae, f.
across, trāns, with acc.
active, ācer, ācris, ācre
advance, progredior, 3
advantage, ūsus, -ūs, m.
advise, moneō, 2
after (conj.), postquam; often expressed by the perf. part.
after (prep.), post, with acc.
against, in, contrā, with acc.
aid, auxilium, auxi’lī, n.
all, omnis, -e; tōtus, -a, -um (§108)
allow, patior, 3
ally, socius, sod, m.
almost, paene; ferē
alone, ūnus, -a, -um; sōlus, -a, -um (§108)
already, iam
also, quoque
always, semper
ambassador, lēgātus, -ī, m.
among, apud, with acc.
ancient, antīquus, -a, -um
and, et; atque (ac); -que
and so, itaque
Andromeda, Andromeda, -ae, f.
angry, īrātus, -a, -um
animal, animal, -ālis, n.
announce, nūntiō, 1
annoying, molestus, -a, -um
another, alius, -a, -ud (§109)
any, ūllus, -a, -um (§108)
any one, anything, quisquam, quicquam or quidquam {§486)
appearance, fōrma, -ae, f.
appoint, creō, 1
approach, adpropinquō, 1, with dat.
are, used as auxiliary, not translated; as a copula, sum (§494)
arise, orior, 4
arm, bracchium, bracchī, n.
armed, armātus, -a, -um
arms, arma, -ōrum, n. plur.
army', exercitus, -ūs, m.
around, circum, with acc.
arrival, adventus, -ūs, m.
arrow, sagitta, -ae, f.
art of war, rēs mīlitāris
as possible, expressed by quam and superl.
ask, petō, 3; quaerō, 3; rogō, 1
assail, oppugnō, 1
at, in, with acc. or abl.; with names of towns, locative case or abl. without a preposition (§268); time when, abl.