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each, quisque, quaeque, quidque (quodque) (§484)
each of two, uterque, utraque, utrumque
each other, inter with acc. of a reflexive
eager, āccr, ācris, ācre; alacer, alacris, alacre
eager (be), studeō, 2
eagerness, studium, studī, n.
eagle, aquila, -ae, f.
easily, facile
easy, facilis, -e
either ... or, aut ... aut
empire, imperium, impe’rī, n.
employ, negōtium dō
encourage, hortor, ī
enemy, hostis, -is, m. and f.; inimīcus. -ī. m.
enough, satis
entire, tōtus, -a, -um (§108)
expectation, opīniō, -ōnis f.
eye, oculus, -ī, m.


faithless, perfidus, -a, um
famous, clārus, -a, -um
far, longē
farmer, agricola, -ae, m.
farther, ulterior, -ius
father, pater, patris, m.
fatherland, patria, -ae, f.
favor, faveō, 2
'favorable, idōneus, -a, -um secundus, -a, -um
fear, metus, -ūs, m, timer, -ōris, m.
fear, be afraid, timeō, 2
few, paucī, -ae, -a
field, ager, agrī, m.
fifteen, quīndecim
fight, contendō, 3; pugnō, 1


find, reperiō, 4
finish, cōnficiō, 3
fire, ignis, -is, m. (§243.1)
firmness, cōnstantia, -ae, f.
first, prīmus, -a, -um
flee, fugiō, 3
flight, fuga, -ae, f.
fly, volō, 1
foe, see enemy
follow close after, subsequor, 3
food, cibus, -ī, m.
foot, pēs, pedis, m.
foot-soldier, pedes, -itis, m.
for (conj.), enim, nam
for (prep.), sign of dat.; dē, prō, with abl.; to express purpose, ad, with gerundive; implied in acc. of time and of extent of space
for a long time, diū
forbid, vetō, 1
forces, cōpiae, -ārum, f., plur. of cōpia
forest, silva, -ae, f,
fort, castellum, -ī, n.; castrum, -ī, n.
fortification, mūnītiō, -ōnis, f.
fortify, mūniō, 4
fortune, fortūna, -ae, f.
fourth, quārtus, -a, -um
free, līber, -era, -erum
free, liberate, liberō, 1
frequent, crēber, -bra, -brum
friend, amīcus, -ī, m.
friendly (adj.), amīcus, -a, -um
friendly (adv.), amīcē
friendship, amīcitia, -ae, f.
frighten, pertcrreō, 2
from, ā or ab, dē, ē, ex, with abl. Often expressed by the separative ablative without a prep.
from each other, inter, with acc. of a reflexive pron.
full, plēnus, -a, -um