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maid, maid servant, ancilla, -ae, f.
make, faciō, 3
make war upon, bellum īnferō with dat. (§426)
man, homō, -inis, m. and f.; vir, virī, m.
man-of-war, nāvis longa
many, multī, -ae, -a, plur. of multus
march, iter, itineris, n. (§468)
Mark, Mārcus, -ī, m.
marriage; mātrimōnium, mātrimō’nī, n.
master, dominus, -ī, m.; magister, -trī, m.
matter, negōtium, negō’tī, n.; rēs, reī, f.
means, by means of, the abl.
messenger, nūntius, nūntī, m.
midnight, media nox
mile, mīlle passuum (§331.b)
miles, mīlia passuum
mind, animus, -ī, m. mēns, mentis, f.
mine, meus, -a, -um
mistress, domina, -ae, f.
money, pecūnia, -ae, f.
monster, mōnstrum, -ī, n.
month, mēnsis, -is, m.
moon, luna, -ae, f.
more (adj.), plūs, plūris (§313); or a comparative. Adverb, magis
most (adj.), plūrimus, -a, -um; superl. degree. Adverb, maximē; plūrimum
mother, māter, mātris, f.
mountain, mōns, montis, m.
move, moveō, 2
moved, commōtus, -a, -um
much (by), multō
multitude, multitūdō, -inis, f.
my, meus, -a, -um
myself, mē, reflexive. See self



name, nōmen, -inis, n.
nation, gēns, gentis, f.
near, propinquus, -a, -um
nearest, proximus, -a, -um
nearly, ferē
neighbor, finitimus, -ī, m.
neighboring, finitimus, -a, -um
neither, neque or nec; neither ... not, neque (nec) ... neque (nec)
never, numquam
nevertheless, tamen
new, novus, -a, -um
next day, postrīdiē eius diēī
next to, proximus, -a, -um
night, nox, noctis, f.
nine, novem
no, minimē; or repeat verb with a negative (§210)
no, none, nūllus, -a, -um (§109)
no one, nēmō, nūllīus
nor, neque or nec
not, nōn
not even, nē ... quidem
not only ... but also, nōn sōlum ... sed etiam
nothing, nihil or nihilum, -ī, n.
now, nunc
number, numerus, -ī, m.


obey, pāreō, 2, with dat. (§153)
of, sign of gen.; dē, with abl.; out of, ē or ex, with abl.
often, saepe
on (of place), in, with abl.; (of time) abl. without prep.
on account of, propter, with acc.; of abl. of cause
on all sides, undique
once (upon a time), ōlim