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repeated by the class all the Latin sentences. Ask the pupils to prepare and be ready to give English sentences illustrating the subject, object, predicate, and verb or copula.

Place special emphasis upon § 22. a.


When assigning this Lesson, pronounce and have the class repeat not merely the Latin words in §§ 26,30, but also the Latin sentences, § 31. II.

There are three rules to be learned, §§ 25,28,29. Always make a point of having all rules memorized verbatim.


Pronounce and have the class repeat the Latin sentences in §§ 32.1, 34.

Point out that the gist of § 32 is contained in the last sentence in § 32.a.

In teaching § 33) have ready on the board the left half of the table which shows the English cases. Then construct the other half of the table in the recitation period at the dictation of the pupils.


When assigning this Lesson, turn to p. 283 and pronounce and have the class repeat the first vocabulary, and emphasize the importance of learning this thoroughly before beginning work on the exercises, § 39. There should be no need of turning back to the vocabulary if it is properly learned. (See M. 9.)

Pronounce and have the class repeat the Latin sentences in §§ 39, 40.

In answering such questions as occur in the Conversations, as in § 40, train the class to answer by a complete sentence and not merely by a single word. For example, the answer to the first question is not merely dea, but Diāna est dea.

In the English-Latin exercise, § 39. II, insist upon proper order of words. Unless emphasis is laid upon this point from