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. Cornelia and her Jewels First learn the special vcx:abulary, p. 288. Apud antiquas dominSs, Cornelia, African! filia, erat ^ maximC cUra. Filii eius erant Tiberius Gracchus et GSius Gracchus. li pueri cum Cornelia in oppido Roma, claro Italiae oppido, habitabant. Ibi eos curabat ComSlia et ibi magno cum studio eos docebat. Bona fCmina erat Cornelia et bonam disciplinam maxime amSbat. Note. Can you translate the paragraph above ? There are no new words. LESSON XXIII PRESENT ACTIVE INDICATIVE OF REGO AND AUDIO . As we learned in § 126, the present stem of the third con- jugation ends in -€, and of the fourth in -i. The inflection of the Present Indicative is as follows : Conjugation III Conjugation IV re'gS, re'gere (ru/g) PRES.STEM regfc- au'diS, audi're {hear) Pres. Stem audi- SINGULAR . re'gft, / ru/e . re'gis, you rule . rc'git, he {she, it) rules au'difi, / hear au'dis, you hear au'dit, he {she, if) hears PLURAL

. re'gimus, ive rule 

. re'giti8,^^« rule . re'gunt, I hey rule audl'mui, we hear ZMdVtBfyou hear au'diant, they hear

. The personal endings are the same as before. 

. The final short -e- of the stem reg*- combines with the -6 in the first person, becomes -u- in the third person plural, and becomes -I- elsewhere. The inflection is like that of erO, the future of sum.

  • Observe that all the imperfects denote continued or progressive action,

or describe a state of affairs. (Cf. § 134.)