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you will have, you are cared for. 5. They are seen, they see, we were teaching, we were being taught, they will move, they will be moved.

PERSEUS ANDROMEDAM SBRVAT . Per'seus and Androm'eda First learn the special vocabulary, p. 288. Perseus filius erat lovis,* maximi * deorum. De e6 multas fabulas narrant po^tae. El favent del, ei magica arma et alas dant, Eis teUs armatus et alls fretus ad multas terras volabat et mOnstra saeva delft- bat et miseris infirmisque auxilium dabat. ^

IOTi«, the genitive of lappiter. * Used substantively, tA^ greaUit. So 

below, 1. 4, miMTto and Inflnnis are used substantively.