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benches were placed on the mows, and in the barn floor, leaving only a little lane on one side whereby we proceed to the platform which was raised up;— say, just where our back barn door at Weymouth is; chains were there placed on which sat Sarah, Angelina, Mrs Hartwell, Mrs Rugg & I. A carpet was under our feet, a neat little table with a white cloth on it before us, & the platform adorned with branches & leaves. About 200 people were present, notwithstanding the great efforts used to keep people away. Sarah opened the meeting with an excellent prayer & Angelina then spoke with great eloquence. Her address was better suited to the maſs(?) of people than the one in Groton. Sarah followed & spoke as well as Angelina. We reached home before dark, meeting with no difficulty.

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Aug 7

Miſs Caroline Weston
Care of Mr Syloasius Sampson



This afternoon we go to Harvard. On Wednesday to Westford and on Friday next to Townsend. They feel able to speak only every other day. They will be here till a week from today, a they may story tell Wednesday week in order to attend the County meeting. I shall prefer to(?) return to Boston at the time that they do. I could not well before for putting it out of the question that I am enjoying all this very highly, I feel as though I were of some use here and I ought to stay while they all are. One thing I beg of you to remember. I want you to send me a dollar by mail. I have not enough to buy my passage home by half(?) a dollar. I have paid for several society letters and the stage fare has been raised 1/4 of a dollar.

(Back of envelope)

[...] to this money matter for I shall be placed in an awkward(?) position if you do you or Debora must atten(d) to it. Love to all the Duxburians(?) especially to Elizabeth. There is as much to (?) as you so I need say nothing. I shall probably not write to you at Duxbury again; ever thanks(?) Anne Weston