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Plenty of encouragement that we will have additional space, etc., but no results. I do not have much hopes about space of filing cabinets. Perhaps you could send me three of the cabinets, with locks. It takes several months to secure them in the ordinary course. I believe this assignment may last several months longer. There are three revenue agents and four special agents now working with me. Could you secure authority for us to rent a suite of three offices in a private building? In that event we should have authority for a telephone. We also should have a stenographer and furniture would have to be purchased. If money is not available for the rental of an office, perhaps we could take over the offices now being used by the special agents assigned here on the police cases. The rent for that office is paid by the Chicago Association of Commerce; also the telephone bill. I do not know how long they will continue to pay this rent, but assume that satisfactory arrangements could be made. It would probably be necessary to rent or buy one or two desks to be used in that office. If we leave this building, we should have a stenographer, as it would not be practicable to call stenographers from the Federal Building to take statements when we are interviewing witnesses. I would not bother you about these matters if I could get assistance here, or if I could see the end of this work in sight, but I felt you would be interested. We cannot work effectively, efficiently, or intelligently under the present conditions, and it may affect our health or our good nature to work under these conditions during the summer months.


Frank J. Wilson

Special Agent.