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any reward of any sort, from any party or set of men in administration, or opposition. I say, that I never used any "endeavours in support of the ministerial nomination of Sheriffs;" that I did not solicit any one liveryman for his vote for any one of the candidates, nor employ any other person to solicit; and that I did not write one single line or word in favour of Mess. Plumbe and Kirkman, whom I understand to have been supported by the Ministry.——

You are bound to refute what I here advance, or to lose your credit for veracity. You must produce facts; surmise and general abuse, in however elegant language, ought not to pass for proofs. You have every advantage, and I have every disadvantage: you are unknown; I give my name. All parties, both in and out of administration, have their reasons (which I shall relate hereafter) for uniting in their wishes against me: and the popular prejudice is as strongly in your favour as it is violent against the Parson.

Singular as my present situation is, it is neither painful, nor was it unforeseen. He is not fit for public business, who does not