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and its authorship inquired after in the circles where I visited. It was issued in pamphlet form, but not long continued, as I found the mystery on which its existence depended in danger of being unravelled.


4. "Traits of the Aborigines of America."

A poem in five cantos, comprising two hundred and eighty-four pages. This was composed two years before my marriage, but its publication delayed for some time, when it was issued from the University Press at Cambridge, Mass. An early acquaintance with the Mohegan tribe of Indians, who resided a few miles from Norwich, and a taste for searching out the historic legends of our forest-people, deepened my interest in their native lineaments of character, and my sympathy for their degraded condition. In the notes of the volume much information is concentrated respecting them, derived from various sources, in the revision of which I gratefully received the aid of the acute and discriminating mind of my husband. The work was singularly unpopular, there existing in the community no reciprocity with the subject.

Indeed, our injustice and hard-hearted policy with regard to the original owners of the soil has ever seemed to me one of our greatest national sins. The eloquent prelate of Minnesota, Bishop Whipple, whose