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��11. " How to be Happy."

Still keeping in view the nurture of children, I pre- pared a small work of one hundred and twenty-six pages, with the above title, pointing out a variety of ways in which they might find satisfaction by being good and obedient. Another motive animated me. The former scholars, whom I had so much loved, had many of them become mothers. The second genera- tion was nearly as numerous as the first. For the nine- teenth time they were about to assemble on the 1st of August — that day of the commencement of the school, which their constancy had continued to embalm. I knew they would appear under the same green trees where their youth had gathered, leading miniatures of themselves. I wished to place in those little hands some useful gift, which, if death should divide me from them before the twentieth anniversary, might be a me- morial of affection. In ten days, and without previous preparation, I wrote this book, and gave it to a pub- lisher — the late excellent Mr. D. F. Robinson. To my surprise, he proceeded to issue several thousand ; ac- cording me the remuneration of ten per cent, on the retail price, with twenty-five copies of every new edi* tion for my own gratuitous distribution. 15

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